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AJIA is an all-in-one point-of-sale and restaurant management platform.

As a cloud-based system built specifically for restaurants. AJIA offers advanced functionality including tabeside ordering, quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting, online ordering, and labor management on an easy-to-use interface.

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A Point Of Sale System Designed For Restaurants. Built On A Cloud-Based Platform, AJIA POS Offers Power, Reliability, And Ease Of Use.

Learn About The AJIA POS Features Below Or Talk With A Product Specialist About Your Needs During A Custom Demo.

All-In-One Platform

Cloud - Based Architecture

Improved Efficiency

Customer Management


Run Your Restaurant With An All-In-One POS System

AJIA - is a customizable point of sale and management system built for restaurants, which simplifies your business by integrating online ordering, digital and physical gift cards, and built-in tools to manage your staff.



Monitor Your Restaurant In Real-Time, Anytime, Anywhere

With AJIA, - you have remote access to real-time reports so you can monitor your business from any internet-enabled device. Need to make a menu change? Toast allows quick and easy menu updates across all devices. With enhanced security and end-to-end encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure.


Improve Operational Efficiency & Guest Experience

Save time and improve the guest experience with the ability to fire orders and process payments directly from the table or from self-serve AJIA. AJIA's handheld tablets automatically prompt customers with suggested tip options, and guests have the option to receive print, email, or text message receipts, but not before having the option to join your restaurant loyalty program. With AJIA , customers can place digital orders, enhancing throughput, speed of service, and order accuracy at your restaurant.


Build A Powerful Guest Database

AJIA POS software offers a built-in CRM system, which allows you to collect information about your customers from a variety of sources. Use the data stored in the AJIA CRM to send customized messages and promotions to your best customers, and keep them coming back! Loyalty programs are an integrated feature in Toast, making collecting and using rewards points simple and easy.

Client database

Inventory Management

With inventory management software integrated into your point of sale, you can see data on food cost percentage, recipe costs, inventory variance, and menu engineering right alongside your restaurant sales reports.
That way, you can take a data-based approach to menu development and really build a menu that's both profitable and popular. Plus, entering inventory through a handheld tablet instead of using a sheet will save so much time.

Digital & Physical Gift Cards

Whether your customers order gift cards in your restaurant or directly from your website, they can enjoy the ease of a simple and transparent gift card program. Our digital gift cards make it easy to track how much money customers have left, and with sales tied directly to your POS system, you can easily track who is buying and using your gift cards and when.

E-gift card

Loyalty Program

Customers can opt into your loyalty program with a simple tap on a tableside tablet or on a countertop terminal. AJIA loyalty accounts are tied to customers' credit cards, emails, and even phone numbers, so they automatically collect rewards points every time they pay. What's more, your guests can check their accumulated rewards online so they're incentivized to visit your restaurant more.

Online Ordering, Takeout, & Delivery

Easily implement a new revenue stream built directly into your POS. With our online ordering module, your in-store and online menus sync instantly without having to make the same changes multiple times. Whether your customer calls in an order, comes in, or orders online, customer data is reflected across each purchase point, giving you a full view of your guest.



Know exactly how your food and liquor inventory affects your bottom line. With AJIA Inventory, you can run inventory variance, menu engineering, and food cost reports right from your point of sale. Stop dealing with spreadsheets and start analyzing your inventory data now.

Online Ordering

Don't miss out on this significant revenue channel. With AJIA, you can offer food delivery services, eliminate online ordering commission fees that can jump as high as 13%, save countless hours on menu management, and customize the entire online ordering experience.

Loyalty Programs

Engage repeat customers with a smart restaurant rewards program. AJIA's built-in loyalty program could increase your signup rates by 10X. The program is integrated with the ordering and payment process and connected to guests' credit cards, so point accumulation is automatic.